E3 Services

Pallet Sales

We sell recycled pallets as well as new or custom size pallets. No matter what your pallet needs are, we will work tirelessly to assure you are able to get what you need  to make your part of the supply chain continue to flow smoothly.

Pallet Retrieval

If you have unwanted and/or broken pallets taking up valuable space or are just having a hard time finding an affordable way to dispose of them, give us a call.  Whether these pallets are in perfect condition or have a few broken boards, we offer a number of solutions to get these pallets out of your way.  Each pick up solution is customized to fit each customer’s needs.  We can pick these pallets up as needed on a flatbed, gooseneck trailer, or, if warranted, we are able to drop a 53’, enclosed trailer at your location and pick it up once the trailer is full.  We can schedule this pick up on a regular basis or, you can call us when the trailer is close to full capacity.  Within 24 hours we will swap your full trailer with an empty trailer for you to fill up again.

Haul Off Services

If your pallet waste is deemed unusable/unrepairable by us, we also offer haul off services for all of your wood waste.  This service is also customized to fit each situation.  We offer this service to help offset the cost of having to rent dumpsters or roll-offs which are an extremely expensive and inefficient way of disposing of pallets and other wood

Customer Consultation

We use our experience and industry knowledge to determine the best solution for your pallet management needs.  Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind to see a better solution to a current process.  We have been able to identify numerous cost savings opportunities for our customers that have been simple and inexpensive to implement.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


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